ISDN and Linux?

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Subject: ISDN and Linux?

> Well, I've reached the bitter end in the "Quest for Access", ISDN.  From
> what little experience I've had w/ Linux and internet access, POTS/Modem
> and Cable Modem, I would expect that ISDN access and routing to other
> computers is a doable thing.  But I have no clue and providers don't do
> much to help!  Has anybody had any experience with Linux/ISDN setups?
> Any "gotchas" to look out for?  It's still iffy if we can get ISDN, but
> I'd like to be prepared.
Hi Greg.
Well can't help you here. The information I asked for from verizon when I
looked into ISDN is this yes its around $100.00 to install it and a small
monthly fee of around $10.00 to use the line, (but its a penny per minute to
use the service.) Also the price plan goes up is you want the commercial
line! (ie: slighty faster speed) otherwise it really is no faster than a
56kbps modem.
So knowing the time I spend online it would cost even more than a cable or
DSL modem and not be anywhere as fast.
My best advice is forget ISDN and get ether a cable or DSL modem. Their
faster and cheeper in the long run.
Well my two cents worth. Take it or leave it. Hope I was of any help?

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ISDN modem dealer. To all you suckers I mean to all you nice people out
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See ya};-)

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